123 Floors is the full-service source for residential and commercial hardwood flooring. We install all types of hardwood floors and perform No-Dust Sanding and Refinishing on existing wood floors. 

We do not hire out these services to third parties! The owner and proprietor of 123 Floors, Ben Huckaby, will be the lead craftsman on every job.


We are very particular about our installations and insist ever installation meets or exceeds the National Wood Flooring Associations guidelines.


We can help you design a unique layout for your home. You may want something simple like mixing different widths of boards in your floor, or something more ornate like highlighting a room with borders or inlays. Maybe you have seen something in a magazine you would like to replicate.


123 Floors is the first choice for custom floors, from the sanding, to the staining to the choice of finish. Our sanding equipment is the newest and most Dust Free combination of equipment currently available. We can, and have; custom matched nearly any color one could imagine. We also have experience with all types of finishes on the market today, and can help you find the right finish for your home. We can answer your concerns about heavy traffic or a desired gloss level or your interest in the latest low odor finishes.


123 Floors has extensive experience in restoring water damaged floors. Whether you have a small area of damage in front of the dishwasher or a complete flood from a broken pipe; we can restore your floor to its original beauty. When it comes to insurence jobs just sit back, relax, and leave it to us.


These can be some of the toughest jobs, because they require seamlessly patching old floors with new materials. Even salvaging old floors from one area and reinstalling them in another. These jobs often require hand sorting through many piles of wood to find the right combination of color and grade to complete the job. When these jobs are done wrong there is no hiding it. At 123 Floors we love these kinds of challenges.